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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

History Day Painting Project

For the past 3 years, Reuben has helped paint the scenery for a History Day project. These are pictures of what he painted for this year. He wanted to add more detail but didn't have the
He used acrylic paints on wood. He did all 3
boards in about 3 days time, although he did
some research first.


  1. The ship is phenomenal! You have to post it on Motley Crew--MaryLu would love it! I do similar things for church on boards about the same size (did the empty tomb for Easter). I know you're very busy Pastor Rog, but try and concentrate and develop ONE thing in the art area and go with it, rather than trying to take on too many things. (ask me how I know :) The Lord has blessed you with so many gifts and you really have that amazing eye-hand coordination!

  2. Amazing job! You are very talented. And I agree with Pat, the Cap'n would love the ship!


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